Friday, August 23, 2019

Argument essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Argument - Essay Example This is therefore quite unfair more so for the â€Å"less genius† children who desire to further their education in a bid attain diplomas and degrees. It is, however, worth noting that due to the hardness and difficulty of the exam, people studying in China have become more smart and innovative since it increases the children’s thinking capacity. In U.S, however, education system is based on student’s abilities and talents. Equally important, studying in the US to gives me the chance expand my horizon since it gives me a wide pool of opportunities more so when it comes to the job market. By learning in the US, I have been able to learn numerous things in life that I could not have imagined or done if I had decided to learn in China. The US is among the most developed countries, and it possess a highly innovative and technologized systems across its various industries. Studying in America therefore enables me to gather the knowledge needed to operate these systems and thus subsequently expanding my horizon. However, I think one can also expand their horizon while learning in China too since China is equally highly industrialized and technologized. Conclusively, I am for the opinion that studying in the US is a good idea since it has numerous advantages and opportunities. In fact, I think that studying in the US enables me to interact with people of various diversities thus enabling me to have a diverse mind. Therefore, I recommend that other educational systems, the Chinese education system to be precise, to follow the American example. I also think that studying in the US increases my chances of attaining high level education from well-established universities, since I can learn numerous new concepts due to diversity. Therefore, I think every person who has the will and ability to study in the US should take that opportunity without a moment of

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